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24 febrero 2014


 Fashion for teenagers?

In the last two weeks, we have witnessed how fascist propaganda has been drummed into the psyche of the Venezuelan opposition supporters. Situations that were supposedly overcome or in a process of extinction have been again revived and those who are at the lead are absolutely convinced they are innovating.

Young opposition supporters show the highest levels of alienation because for 15 consecutive years they have been exposed to messages aimed at shaping their mentality for submission and fascism. Thus, protesting has become fashionable thanks to right-wing propaganda. It is a kind of hobby all youngsters should practice unless they are prepared to be rejected by their group of closest friends.

They cheerily pose backed by the shields of the National Guard; they are seen sitting calmly, wearing the colours of the Venezuelan flag while 5 pneumatic tires are burning in the back, capturing an apocalyptic image but without the horror of such circumstance. This is a sort of fashionable protest, whose focus is not on the protest itself, or on the reason of such protest, but it is rather centred on showing with a good snapshot that they are “fighting for Venezuela”.

In the media, prostituted journalism has endeavoured to present organised community groups called “colectivos” as paramilitary groups armed to the teeth. However, those individuals who were destroying public spaces, burning police patrol cars, throwing stones and vandalising are featured to their viewers as “a civic student who’s fighting for freedom”. The world turned upside down.

Concepts are twisted and messages are pre-fabricated in such a way that the perception of receptors mutates and adapts to the perverse viewpoint of their suppliers. We see people who protest against insecurity, acting as offenders; people who demand respect to their rights, violating the very basic rights of others. They’re marching and closing their own roads because they’re fed up with queues
to buy products, but their attitude is more annoying and contributes to worsen traffic jams beyond imagination.

Propaganda leads them to affirm with full conviction that they want to kill the President. They talk about a “way out” not knowing in detail what this means. They are being used, serving as cannon fodder and they accept it with the pride of becoming the most profitable martyrs in hands of the most evil police. What we see is propaganda, of very good quality.


(Hunger 1989 / Stupidity 2014) (“Maduro, it’s your fault I cannot find steroids”

 “Ooohh! Hello…. Girl, S.O.S. USA!!! Maduro is starving us but we a have a FOUR-TRACK ATV”

“I’m gocha (colloquial name given to people from the Venezuelan Andes), but I have what you are lacking”

 “Endless stupidity”

(Hunger 1989 / Stupidity 2014) (“I wanted breast implants but with these poor salaries I won’t be able”)

“Mom, I’m out fighting for Venezuela, if a don’t come back it’s because I’m too drunk”

            “Fighting for “freedom” makes us veeeeery thirsty”

 “I left home, not to leave my country”

 “Die, Cuban killer tree!

  “You stupid communist car, DIE!”

 "I don´t need sex, because the government fucks me every day"

 Wow, hurry the pic, my ass is in pain!

“How brave we are, we destroyed an ornamental tank”

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